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Here’s how our resume system works…

Picture this. You’re in the market for a new sales position. Armed with only your PC and an Internet connection, you contact the top decision-makers from companies, search firms and venture firms nationwide. In this job search campaign, you precisely define your targets – industry, position, geography, salary – and in just minutes, you have a listing of ALL the contact information for hundreds of Presidents/CEOs for the companies that you’ve targeted – no shotgun approach. With a few more keystrokes, your resume and cover letter are in their personal email boxes within 24 hours. Sound impossible?? Not at all… this is exactly how our targeted resume distribution system works.

From the time you utter the words “I need a new job”, your task is to contact the hiring agents in your industry and to quickly spread the word that you and your skills are on the open market. Since we think that your time is best spent networking with the contacts you’ve established, it only makes sense to get the word out as quickly as possible. Within 24 hours you could have your personalized cover letter and resume in the hands of THOUSANDS of hiring agents in your industry… each of them who has specified that they’re actively receiving resumes from people JUST LIKE YOU!

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s affordable and, most importantly, it’s TARGETED – with a money back guarantee!

With more than 17,000 contacts, you can select just the “right” industries, positions, salary and location for your personal job search. If you’re ready to transform your job search, click here now!

(Think of it this way – find 162 interviewing opportunities for only $1.13 each, based on a low total investment of $184.00.)