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Summertime Job Searching – It’s still a “Do”

by Kim on June 1, 2015

With summer fast approaching, and all of that nasty, terrible winter stuff of 2014/2015 over, who doesn’t want to try and relax a bit, spend more time with family or take that vacation they’ve been dreaming about since January? Well, if you’ve been unemployed and/or searching for a more responsible or lucrative position, now is not the time to carve out more hammock swinging hours to your schedule.

Even though it’s true that some companies are a little more casual and lax during the summer months, it does not mean that hiring stops or companies cease to grow or expand – companies hire new staff all year long. In fact, many candidates assume that not much hiring happens during the summer, which is  actually is boon to you, as you’ll have less competition while others are out fishing or down in Florida with the family.

One of the first things you can do, is grab a cool drink and head outside to reflect (again) on what your next career step will be. If  you don’t have a job, that obviously still means trying to find one and reevaluating your search efforts thus far – if are gainfully employed, yet still looking, then try to shore up what your ultimate job search goals is, making a list of what you can offer, how your past experiences can help you move to the next level or opportunity and making sure you have a solid plan in place.

Take this time to ask yourself some questions about your recent search history. Have you updated your resume to effectively highlight your accomplishments?  Has that resume been getting results? If not, have you asked yourself why? Have you followed up on past leads, or just let them fizzle out? Have you remained in contact with key networking sources and/or identified new ones? Have you joined any organizations or taken classes relevant to your industry? Have you started volunteering? If not, how come? Have you updated your LinkedIn profile or secured at least some sort of social media presence? All of these are important steps to take in any dedicated search effort.

There are few things you can do while still enjoying your summer yet remaining active in getting your name out there, and one of the best activities you can do is ramp up your networking opportunities in a less casual manner than you’ve done before.

Nice weather frequently means lots of outdoor events where you can volunteer and/or attend while introducing yourself to neighbors or organizers. When you get involved or show real interest in a cause, charity or other event that draws your community together, you are automatically expanding your networking base and giving people a chance to get to learn more about you. I wouldn’t go as far to tell you to carry around your resume for distribution, but having a business/contact card on hand wouldn’t be a bad idea, should the conversation circle around to your profession and/or career outlook.

If you continue to maintain commitment to daily search activities, no matter what they are, you may very well find that summer isn’t such a bad time to job search after all. Granted, company searches can be longer during the summer due to others being on vacation, but you may also be granted more time with a key decision maker who is not on vacation and/or is using their own summer time to slow down a bit, even at work.

Whatever the time of year, try not to let your job search stall – you’ll become stagnant, possibly frustrated and not ready at all to hit the ground running once those warm summer nights turn cold again, usually creeping up on us sooner than we expect.

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