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Secrets of an Executive Resume Writer. It’s not what you think

by Kim on May 8, 2015

“This is great, I’d even hire me!” When I hear that from clients after they receive their new executive resume, I feel a deep satisfaction in knowing that I’ve provided someone with an effective career marketing document that has finally captured what they had been trying convey on their own without success.  I also enjoy hearing all about the “good news” stories from clients who realized an immediate surge of interviewing opportunities and subsequent new positions that took them to the next level in their career.

I believe that part of my success in positioning my clients for greater challenges is knowing the right questions to ask during the information-gathering stage. Not only do I ask the obvious questions regarding their positions, but I take things a step further and probe into both personal and career-related situations they’ve experienced in order to understand the whole person, not just the executive persona.

I’ve learned about so many different and unique experiences from my clients, that even if the information won’t necessarily be part of the resume content, I do gain a greater understanding of my clients’ abilities when I get a little nosy. Surprisingly, my clients are very open with me, and that trust they share can be invaluable in understanding how they are able to take on new challenges, overcome significant adversity, tackle nearly-impossible situations, develop innovative ideas that translated to multimillion-dollar profits and make lemons of out of lemonade.

Some of the examples that stand out include an executive who became deathly ill with SARS before returning to his company to lead it to even greater success after several weeks in a hospital, a client who joined a startup which was eventually acquired for billions by a leading internet company and a man who was instrumental in helping change the insurance landscape after his son suffered significant brain trauma and years-long therapy following a near-fatal car accident.

Had I not taken the time to ask the type of questions I do, I never would have fully understood the kind of drive, determination and fortitude they possessed or how those qualities translated to the development of an exceptional leader.  Merely knowing about a multimillion-dollar deal negotiated or a company bought and sold at a profit would never be able to demonstrate the strengths behind the scenes that helped contribute to success.

Unfortunately, many executive resume writing services just ask the bare minimum without probing further. Take the following questions:  Have you increased sales? Have you improved productivity? Are you involved in training? Did you reduce costs?

I suppose that all of those questions might receive a “yes” answer, but without the background behind the “yes’s” or explanation of situations overcome to fully convey the client’s extent of involvement in any result, the resume content will likely be bland and not particularly valuable to readers.

Both my clients and I put a lot of time into the resume writing process, and it shows in the final product. If you are interested in a value-driven resume that compellingly presents true leadership qualities, a focus on measurable results and a proven record of “making things happen,” it would be worth contacting me to discuss how a new executive resume can transform your overall personal and professional footprint.

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