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Ramp up your Executive Job Search!

by Kim on April 7, 2017

Has your job search stalled? Have you been waiting for the phone to ring only after sending numerous resumes without response Chances are, it’s not YOU – it’s your resume.

Having written well over 2000 resumes over the past 20 years, and after reviewing even more, the number one “mistake” I see in job searching (at any level) is using a resume that does not reflect one’s capabilities, accomplishments and employment value. While job search and resume writing strategies have changed over the years, one thing remains true. Your executive resume must demonstrate a call to action in order to generate interest.

Try not to make the mistake of sending the wrong message through your resume; those messages could include lack of organization, incomplete information, a passive vs. proactive voice or a clear sense of not putting the time into your own career marketing message. When people rush putting a resume together, it usually shows via a lackluster document.

When reviewing resumes, the reader (either a company decision maker or a recruiter), is looking for someone who can contribute to their bottom line objectives. Whether their needs include saving money, increasing revenue, expanding market share, opening new territories, building business relationships, introducing new technology, cultivating new opportunities, negotiating major deals, enhancing operations, boosting productivity or increasing efficiency, your resume needs to demonstrate how you can help them achieve these goals. If you cannot “show them the money” through your expertise and proven ability to contribute, you won’t be considered and will be waiting a very long time for those desired interviews.

If this all seems daunting to you, I can help. I’m passionate about developing strong career marketing documents which reflect who you are, what you can offer and how you’ll contribute. I’m also very fortunate to work in a profession I love and would enjoy collaborating with you in the development of your new professional resume designed to shorten your search while propelling you into your next career challenge.

All resume reviews are completely confidential and without cost, informing you about not only what is “wrong” with your resume, but also helping you see the improvements that can make your resume stand out among hundreds of others.

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