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Keywords are Key to Compelling Executive Resumes

by Kim on April 25, 2017

When creating a new executive resume, it’s important to note that achievements should ultimately be the primary focus. However, another key component that people sometimes forget is how to maximize the use of keywords.

It’s one thing to state that you have excellent skills in a particular area, but when you can’t back them up with proof, readers have no idea how well those skills are put to the test. For example, you may be recognized for your ability to lead turnarounds, increase sales, improve productivity or reduce costs. Yet, if your executive resume doesn’t reinforce the actual results of those skills (or even mention them), it’s very possible that readers will pass you over.

In addition to focusing on your contributions, you need to ensure that your resume is “keyword friendly.” Essentially, “keywords” are really just skills; back in the day, people used to include a short list of skills at the end of their resumes. Unfortunately, that’s not enough in today’s competitive employment market, especially since those lists are outdated.

Keywords not only boost your resume’s persuasiveness, they also resonate with readers and more importantly, applicant tracking systems. They demonstrate that you have experience in a particular area and prove that you understand the skills needed. Additionally, keywords should play a major role in your cover letter, especially when responding to a particular job posting that specifies skills needed. LinkedIn profiles are another area in which keywords are essential, as they help recruiters and hiring managers find qualified candidates with the right skills.

It’s not as hard as you think to “find” keywords. Review job postings carefully, noting the required skills before incorporating them into your resume and tweaking when necessary depending on the position.

Integrating keywords throughout your all of career marketing documents will help solidify your qualifications and expertise while bolstering your job search success.

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