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Job Searching In The New Year & Executive Resume Writing Services

by Kim on December 2, 2014

With New Year’s Day right around the corner, one of the most important resolutions you can make is for your career, and ensuring that you are armed with the most effective professional resume possible should be at the top of your list. Even if you are happily ensconced in a job you love, or have no plans to make any changes, it’s prudent to be “resume ready,” especially in today’s highly-competitive market.

I can’t tell you how many clients or prospective clients have called me in a panic because they were not prepared when an unexpected opportunity came up; either their resumes were very outdated or they had no resume at all. This can lead to a disorganized job search or the production of a hastily assembled resume that can ruin your chances of consideration, especially if it’s not a well-written summary of your accomplishments, skills and ability to “make things happen.”  Even with a solid history of rapid career progression or numerous career accolades, candidates need to put in more work, present a stronger resume and commit to positioning themselves as leading contenders among hundreds of others frequently competing for the same position.

In addition to crafting an impressive professional resume, or hiring an executive resume writer to help you with this important step, it’s essential that you develop a personal career development plan, even if you have no immediate plans to change jobs. This plan should include identifying your short and long-term goals, deciding whether or not you wish to remain in the same industry (or even with with the same company) and reviewing the strength of your networking base, frequently something neglected as you move along in  your career. Social marketing, volunteering, remaining visible in your industry and maintaining  a journal of your career achievements and examples of contributions are also important as they will help boost your confidence and ability to develop your “elevator pitch.”

While creating your plan, it’s important to determine the type of value and expertise you can bring to an organization (also used as you develop your “brand”) in terms of making quantifiable and measurable contributions. Your resume needs to clearly convey your value proposition, and including this type of information will vastly improve your interviewing opportunities.

During this time of organization and reflection, it’s important to note that the holiday season might not be worst time to search for job (as some would think). It’s not uncommon for companies to be gearing up for a year of upcoming changes and growth, or trying to fill key positions required for the coming year. Furthermore, you may have an additional competitive advantage due to the fact that many don’t believe that this is a good time to be searching and therefore, are not actively promoting themselves.

Granted, you may encounter many “gone for the holidays” automated voice or email responses, but then again, you just might reach a key decision maker who is currently working hard to fill a role for which you are exceptionally qualified.

If you’re committed to many, if not all, of these career development and planning stages, you can stand out in the coming year or anytime you want to rev up your career.

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