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Job Search Tactics

With the New Year just behind us, now is the perfect time to take stock of your career goals. The timing is ripe to advance yourself: Predictions have been made that there will be nearly three million more jobs than candidates to fill them, including executive positions. With careful organization, your job search should not be quite so long.

This does not mean that job searching will be effortless, but if you plan your approach, it should be easier and less time consuming. Contrary to most opinions, the best jobs are not found in the Sunday Classifieds. By the time those jobs are advertised, many of them are already taken internally and the listing is merely a formality. There is also the “blind ad” phenomenon that prevents candidates from remaining confidential or learning anything about the company to which they are applying (which is key to an effective interview).

Continue Your Education

One surefire way to keep yourself marketable is to focus on continued learning and renewed professional development even if you think you know it all! Take in-house seminars, local college courses, and work on an advanced degree. Employers are looking for educated, progressive workers, and your dedication to continued learning will be a bonus.

Examine Your Resume

Is your resume a yawning chronological history of your work or is it chock full of achievements? Does it demonstrate problems you have solved, productivity you have contributed, or profits you have helped to generate? If you cannot prove your worth, you will shortchange yourself and prolong the search. Employers are looking for bottom-line executives with transferable skills and record of achievement.

Network With Purpose

Do not make contacts with “just anyone.” Keep a running list of valuable references who know your integrity, knowledge and work ethic. Most executives have a very long list of contacts made throughout a long career. If you haven’t started one by now, don’t leave this step out.

Use Your Own Resources

Do not rely solely on recruiting firms or ads to find your next job. Contact companies on your own: Discover their niches and communicate what you can do for them. Utilize the vast resources the Internet has to offer. It can deliver a phenomenal number of opportunities.


Do not expect to find an executive position right away.  Think outside of the box, remain confident in your abilities and use your ingenuity. If you take advantage of the market and present your value to employers, you will have your choice of positions. No matter what your level, companies are not only looking for hard-working employees, they need them.

Best of Luck in Your Job Search!