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by Kim on October 12, 2016

Even though I write/blog about executive resume writing and career strategies, I thought that this piece might be a bit related because recently I found out, first hand, what it’s like to be unprepared. In life, as well as in your career, it’s always a bit eye opening when you realize that you weren’t as organized as you should have been.

This past weekend, my family was faced with our first real hurricane threat after living seven years in South Carolina. Yes, we’ve had our share of “maybe it will come,” but have been fortunate that nothing has really impacted us. After being glued to the television for three days, and finally realizing that Hurricane Matthew was probably going to be a true danger to thousands of people, including my family and close friends, I thought it was finally time to get some supplies. Well, I waited too long. There were no cases of water to be found, so I had to grab single bottles from various stores. I also needed to gas up our vehicle which was another adventure in a long, long line in a disorganized station. (Mind you, it took me three different stations in order to even find one that could accommodate a long waiting line.)

We had three friends who had generators, but when we went to purchase one, of course they were all gone. The measly food supplies I found were just that – measly. A couple of cans of tuna, some of those orange fake cheese and cracker packages, spicy beef jerky and random chips/snacks… I grabbed what I could and headed home to pack up for an evacuation, another thing I was not prepared for. Thankfully, and despite our lack of planning, all ended well and we fared much better than many others, for which we are grateful.

Because of our poor planning, I started thinking about the many times I’ve been called for an “immediate” resume need. Unfortunately, and even if I could put in the time, an effective executive resume can’t be developed in one day or even a week, depending on one’s extensive background and/or lack of preparation and career journaling which sometimes takes a back seat when you are not thinking about a job change.

There are many steps one needs to take in order to ensure that the executive resume presented is going to be one of the top contenders. If this prompts some thought, take the time now to start compiling and then maintaining a record of your accomplishments as well as how they were achieved. You should note your exact titles, dates and responsibilities (what is/was expected of you) along with relevant achievements. You should keep track of your company’s happenings and any associated changes or transformations, and how you might have played a part in them.

You should think of how you contributed and what results you helped generate. Did you increase profitability or sales? Did you come up with a better way to do things, and if so, what was the change and what role did you play? Did you identify a need that made a difference once implemented? Did you solve a problem that positively impacted the bottom line? Were you a key driver on a major change initiative? Did you help introduce new products? There are many questions you should be asking yourself, or better yet, speak with a mentor or colleagues to help you remember events that you may have forgotten.

If you aren’t sure, or don’t remember, NOW is the time to take a step back in time and start documenting your contributions. Even if it isn’t hurricane season, your current or future career can be altered similar to a storm if you find yourself flailing about when it comes time to BE ready for that next great opportunity. Don’t find yourself unprepared or without a plan….you may regret your stalling someday when that ideal opportunity comes along.

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