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Making an Executive Transition

by Kim July 22, 2015

No matter how accomplished your career background is, you might find it challenging to write an executive resume that highlights those achievements while conveying your ability to actually step into a role that is clearly a departure from your current or previous leadership role. If you are currently at the helm of a multimillion-dollar, Fortune […]

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Your Executive Leadership Footprint

by Kim July 21, 2015

What type of leader are you? Are you someone who consistently leaves a positive lasting impression or does your presence instill fear? Do you end your busy day on a positive note or stay awake seething about a mistake made by an employee? Do you have good relationships with your counterparts or do you remain […]

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Executive Resume Writing Mistakes

by Kim July 3, 2015

Executive Resume Writing Mistakes As sole owner and President of Executive Resume Pro, I’ I’ve had over 20 years of experience, not only writing executive resumes, but reviewing them. Unfortunately, even the most qualified candidate can hinder his or her job search by submitting a sub-par resume and/or one that was written based on misconceptions […]

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Your Executive Brand – Hype or Real?

by Kim June 26, 2015

For years, one of the driving forces of executive resume writing has been identifying, then “selling” your brand via all of your career marketing documents, both on and offline. The question you might ask yourself – what IS a brand and why should I have one? Search the internet and you’ll find hundreds of articles […]

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Interviewing 101 for the New or Seasoned Executive

by Kim June 17, 2015

Interviewing 101 for the New or Seasoned Executive No matter what your professional level, the majority of job seekers will need to hone their interviewing skills, something that most people don’t want to think about, much less actually do. However, if you keep a few simple steps in mind, and don’t put pressure on yourself, […]

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Summertime Job Searching – It’s still a “Do”

by Kim June 1, 2015

With summer fast approaching, and all of that nasty, terrible winter stuff of 2014/2015 over, who doesn’t want to try and relax a bit, spend more time with family or take that vacation they’ve been dreaming about since January? Well, if you’ve been unemployed and/or searching for a more responsible or lucrative position, now is […]

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Secrets of an Executive Resume Writer. It’s not what you think

by Kim May 8, 2015

“This is great, I’d even hire me!” When I hear that from clients after they receive their new executive resume, I feel a deep satisfaction in knowing that I’ve provided someone with an effective career marketing document that has finally captured what they had been trying convey on their own without success.  I also enjoy […]

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Beware the Executive Resume Writing “Experts”

by Kim April 24, 2015

As a successful professional executive resume writer for the past twenty years, I’ve seen hundreds of executive resume services come and go. However, I’m still amazed that there are so many unqualified services operating under the guise of a “professional” organization who give the resume writing profession a bad name. I can’t tell you how […]

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Writing your LinkedIn Profile

by Kim April 8, 2015

If you aren’t already on LinkedIn, you should be, even if you aren’t currently seeking a new position. Preparing a powerful LinkedIn profile shows that you are savvy enough to be “plugged in,” while cementing your brand image and professionalism.  You want to be able to say “Yes,” when someone asks if you can forward […]

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Choosing the Best Executive Resume Writing Service

by Kim March 13, 2015

After nearly 20 years as an executive resume writer, I am still surprised over the hundreds of so-called “resume experts” on the web today, who craftily tout their “experience” to unsuspecting potential clients. I can’t tell you how many resumes I’ve fixed over the years, especially for those who have invested upwards of $2000 or […]

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