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Your Best Self…

by Kim January 13, 2016

Some of the best advice I’ve ever read, or at least took to heart, was something that Ginny Rometty (CEO, Chairman and President of IBM) said, which was “Never protect the past. If you never protect the past, I think … you will be willing to never love [it] so much [that] you won’t let it […]

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Is your Executive Resume Ready for the New Year?

by Kim January 7, 2016

First of all, it’s hard for me to believe that it’s 2016. I remember being a little kid and thinking that the year 2000 was very, very far away, kind of how I felt about people who were 40 – that they were very, very old. Well, now that I’m quite a bit North of […]

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Revitalizing a Stalled Job Search

by Kim December 18, 2015

I think there have been many challenges facing job seekers over the past several years including a need for people to shift their thinking and strategies, especially for those who have remained unemployed for over a year. I believe a new reality needs to set in as well. Gone are the days of staying with […]

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Maximizing your Executive Resume & Job Search Success

by Kim December 7, 2015

If you’re an executive or over the age of 45, chances are that finding a job years ago was a lot easier than it is today and likely faster too. As your career progresses to higher levels of responsibility, the number of opportunities are fewer than they were when you were just starting out. Back […]

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Should You Write Your Own Executive Resume?

by Kim November 23, 2015

  Having reviewed thousands of executive resumes over the past 20 years or so, I can probably remember a handful or two that did not need a significant amount of work. Considering that the majority of my clients are corner office holders, or on their way down that hallowed hall to greater challenges, you’d think […]

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Avoiding Executive Resume Writing Mistakes

by Kim October 16, 2015

If the last resume you wrote was 20 years ago shortly out of college, you need to know that resumes have changed, particularly when it comes to executive resumes. Gone are the days when a resume leads with an “Objective” statement followed by a list of duties, where each point started with the dreaded words, […]

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Why Executive Resume Services Get a Bad Rap

by Kim September 18, 2015

Wrong Advice…Incorrect Grammar…Poor (non-proactive)Writing Style…Duty-Driven vs. Achievement-based…no Site Owner Name…no “About Us” page… a new site (check “” to see when the site was launched)….no samples, or worse, samples that don’t impress…high pricing (thousands of dollars)…”team” of writers. If you see ANY of this terminology while reviewing executive resume writing sites, you need to stay […]

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Make the Most of your Executive Recruiter

by Kim September 16, 2015

When planning your job search, your arsenal should include as many methods as possible in order to get your name out there.  That being said, you don’t want to distribute your executive resume randomly, and on every job board you see, with no plan of attack; you risk receiving numerous bogus calls from those who […]

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Revitalize your Executive Resume Today!

by Kim September 8, 2015

Every year, it seems that Labor Day is suddenly upon us, and then summer seems just as suddenly over. However, this is also a time of hope and renewal, at least for the hundreds of thousands of kids who head back to school, excited about their new school supplies, seeing old friends and meeting new […]

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Leave your Attitude at Home – Making the Best of Your Executive Job Search

by Kim August 26, 2015

It’s been said that losing a job and/or embarking on a new job search is one of the most stressful experiences in life; if you’ve been through it, or are facing it now, you will likely agree. Even if the search is something you’ve planned, vs. having to go through one in order to become […]

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