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Executive Resume Planning | Executive Resume Writing Services

by Kim October 12, 2016

Even though I write/blog about executive resume writing and career strategies, I thought that this piece might be a bit related because recently I found out, first hand, what it’s like to be unprepared. In life, as well as in your career, it’s always a bit eye opening when you realize that you weren’t as […]

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Don’t be Shy, Create an Executive Resume that Sells!

by Kim August 31, 2016

When it comes to writing your executive resume, it can be difficult for even the most accomplished person to “toot their own horn,” so to speak. Even if you’re a humble guy or gal, and don’t much like talking about yourself, it’s fine to let your resume take shyness out of your hands by ensuring […]

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Executive Resumes – The Right Combination

by Kim August 1, 2016

While I typically don’t follow the outdated rules when it comes to creating executive resumes, there are a few basic “do’s and don’ts” to abide by in order to ensure that your resume gets read. One of the biggest misconceptions is that your resume needs to be one page. At the executive level, your resume […]

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The New Executive Resume

by Kim June 22, 2016

Frequently, many of my executive resume clients come to me for help because they haven’t needed a resume in a very long time. Because of that, they may not be aware of how resumes have evolved over the years or what readers expect to see in today’s resumes. To demonstrate that you’ve kept current on […]

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Planning your Job Search

by Kim May 19, 2016

The old adage is that searching for a job can be a job in itself…it is. If unplanned, your search may take even longer, so it’s important that you organize the appropriate steps to make sure that your job search is as painless as possible. First of all, when someone leaves a job, it’s either […]

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Making Networking More Bearable

by Kim April 29, 2016

I don’t know many people who get excited about networking, even though we know the value of this powerful “tool.” So if you’re anything like I am, and dread it most of the time, there a few tricks to get you through an hour or two. If you are naturally an organizer, either in your […]

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Don’t Risk Rushing your Executive Resume

by Kim April 12, 2016

How many times have you been asked to submit your resume, only to remember that you have no idea as to when it was last updated? You either hastily prepare a haphazard list of your past duties, sit for hours and wonder how in the world you’ll be able to write one that “wows” or, […]

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Is the Resume Dead?

by Kim February 29, 2016

Over the past few years, there have been grumblings about the death of the traditional paper resume, especially following the birth and popularity of LinkedIn and other technological distribution avenues. Yet, how many times have you been asked by someone to submit your resume? That is a question that people will be asked for years […]

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What’s Your New Executive Resume Worth?

by Kim February 12, 2016

Would you pay over $3,000 for a new executive resume? How about $7,000? While it sounds a little outrageous, there are companies charging thousands of dollars for a new resume. There are also many out there who offer very inexpensive services charging as little as $89.00 (though I’d stay away from them). The extreme disparity […]

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Are you a Stand Out or a Stand Down? Steps to Get Noticed at Work

by Kim January 27, 2016

If you find yourself in a career stall or unmotivated by the daily grind, you might want to consider stepping out of your box, taking a chance or assuming more responsibility. In your workplace, you can either build a reputation as a doer or risk not having any reputation at all because nobody knows you […]

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