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While there are any number of ways to make sure your resume is noticed, i.e., read, there are several key areas that are frequently not addressed or thought of at all. I review several resumes a day from those who’ve been frustrated at the lack of response during what they consider an aggressive job search. […]

If you are in the midst of a job search, try not to take vacation from it just because summer is here. Many people assume that hiring does not take place in the summer, but that’s not always true. Sure, there are more vacations scheduled and it can be harder to nail down an interview, […]

Effective Executive Resume Writing Strategies

by Kim May 24, 2017

While there are generally no “rules” in resume writing as long as your resume is informative, achievement-driven and well written, there are still a few important aspects to keep in mind. Before composing your executive resume, you need to understand who your audience is, even if you are targeting different positions. It’s best to have […]

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What can an Executive Resume Writer do for You?

by Kim May 11, 2017

If you’ve frequently been told that your professionalism, industry experience and leadership qualities are all top notch, yet your executive resume doesn’t seem to be working, it may be time to consider hiring a professional executive resume writer. Even if cost might be an issue, it’s still something to seriously consider if you truly want […]

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Optimizing and Writing your LinkedIn Profile

by Kim May 1, 2017

In addition to using your executive resume as a key component of your job search, think of LinkedIn as an additional career marketing document that can easily generate greater interest in what you have to offer. The more interesting your Linkedin Profile is, the better your chances of being noticed. If you already have a […]

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Keywords are Key to Compelling Executive Resumes

by Kim April 25, 2017

When creating a new executive resume, it’s important to note that achievements should ultimately be the primary focus. However, another key component that people sometimes forget is how to maximize the use of keywords. It’s one thing to state that you have excellent skills in a particular area, but when you can’t back them up […]

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Ramp up your Executive Job Search!

by Kim April 7, 2017

Has your job search stalled? Have you been waiting for the phone to ring only after sending numerous resumes without response Chances are, it’s not YOU – it’s your resume. Having written well over 2000 resumes over the past 20 years, and after reviewing even more, the number one “mistake” I see in job searching […]

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Boost Your Executive Resume Currency

by Kim March 30, 2017

One of the most important things you can do to boost your resume power, is to first make it a habit to spend five or ten minutes at the end of every day documenting your achievements. When busy executives spend the majority of their time putting out fires, solving problems, maneuvering staff, cutting costs, reorganizing […]

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Executive Resumes – Do you list your Hobbies on your Resume?

by Kim January 2, 2017

Traditionally, hobbies and interests are not listed on a resume. However, if you feel that you must include a specific talent or pastime to further sell certain skills, think twice before listing more “general” hobbies vs. pastimes that demonstrate strengths that can easily translate to the business world such as endurance, decision making, problem solving, […]

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Voted Top 50 Resume Writing Blog

by Kim November 30, 2016

Executive Resume Pro has been voted Top 50 Resume Writing Blog.

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