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Make the Most of your Executive Recruiter

by Kim on September 16, 2015

When planning your job search, your arsenal should include as many methods as possible in order to get your name out there.  That being said, you don’t want to distribute your executive resume randomly, and on every job board you see, with no plan of attack; you risk receiving numerous bogus calls from those who really aren’t interested in you other than to get you into some “get rich quick” scheme or try to sell you on positions that are far different from what was initially described once you dig deeper.

One area that seems to bring a host of different misconceptions relates to the recruiting industry, and what recruiters do, and won’t do for you. One of the most prevalent false impressions is believing that your recruiter is working 24/7 to help land you an interview, or a job, and unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, out of all the job search strategies you can employ; the least successful one is expecting a recruiter to find you a job. (The most successful strategy to land valuable interviews is through networking, and the second most successful approach is to proactively identify openings on your own.)

Recruiters do NOT find jobs or openings for candidates – in fact, it’s the other way around. If you are fortunate enough to offer the skills a recruiter’s client is looking for, your executive resume may be submitted to their client for review because their job is finding their client people.  In fact, even if a recruiter shows an interest in you, they are certainly not contractually obligated to place you in that position even after an interview went well. They can, and should be your partner, but you cannot put all your eggs into once basket as you sit and wait for your recruiter to find you a job, because it’s not going to happen. They are not your coach or your guidance counselor.

Recruiters CAN get a bad rap because of these misconceptions as candidates tend to think that it’s rude that each recruiter doesn’t call them back after distributing their executive resumes. Recruiters can easily receive hundreds of resumes per day, and usually that is because people assume that they will be top consideration for any position. In fact, many recruiters receive resumes from people outside the scope of their area of placement. If you don’t’ do your homework, and submit your sales-slanted resume to a recruiter who specializes in manufacturing engineering, they have no reason to call you.

Recruiters generate their fees by placing the right people, and you will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation once you understand how recruiters work and how they can (or can’t) help your own unique situation. Again, recruiters can and should be utilized, but do some research into finding and using the right one.

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