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Read what some of our happy clients have to say:

“…Just an FYI, the resume you have written for me has landed me 3 interviews in the past month (and I must say I haven’t even been trying too hard either) and I am in the final selection process for a promotion at my current employer to a director level position.  I am already seeing more doors opening.  I owe a lot of it to the resume which I am confident has opened those doors….Your work is excellent and I will be sure to recommend you to other people I come in contact with.”
Ryan S. (Customer Service / Training Manager)


“….I am also writing to let you know that I am extremely pleased and satisfied of the final product of my resume/covering letter that was produced through a process that I can only describe as professional and courteous. From your inclusive questionnaire to your press for relevant information, I found you to be thorough, thoughtful and precise. I have been too close to see how truly efficient and functional the document is. You fit a tremendous amount of “stuff” in a pretty concise package. The biggest problem with writing your own resume is objectivity, when to include something and when to leave it out, it should be easy, but it is very difficult. I learned a long time ago that all business is basically the same, but as humans we think that just because we are unique, our situations are unique and no one else can understand what we do, have done and/or need in business. You delivered a product that proves that you too have that understanding but more importantly know how to make me feel and look as unique as I am. The resume is outstanding, type style, layout, conciseness and its packed with good quality writing. Again thanks for everything, you will get referrals, and if its okay I will keep you posted on my success. FYI: From my perspective I found that is more effective/efficient of filling out a detailed questionnaire in lieu of spending 60-90 minutes explaining to a professional resume writer over the phone. To the end, I tried several “free resume critique” services, and you (Kim) provided the most value-added, insightful comments, thus I selected “” to prepare my new resume.”
Michael M. (Telecom Executive)


“I’m thrilled with the work Kim did. She’s bright, articulate, informed, knowledgeable and eager to present my best image. She encouraged me to provide input, so the resume represented my personality. She knows what employers are seeking, she highlights your strengths, she creates a “portrait” of who you are. She worked quickly to get my resume completed but was very thorough with her research of my background. I’ve gotten compliments from everyone who’s seen my resume. Everyone that reviews my resume, compliments my on the style and format. Companies who had rejected me previously are now calling me, after seeing the revised resume Kim did. I know I can count on Kim to provide additional assistance…She really is “full service.”
Laina S. (Executive Recruiter)


“Very thrilled with the results Kim!”
Bill L. (Executive Vice President, Worldwide Communications Company)


“First, let me tell you that I am very grateful for your insight and experience in preparing my resume. It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your prompt responses which enabled me to get the finished product in use- and quickly! Second, I have shared this newly revised copy of my resume with friends and relatives and all are VERY impressed. The first prospective employer to view it responded with an interview! (I am anticipating a decision on that employer this week). I have and will continue to recommend you to my job-seeking and professional peers. Thanks again for your excellent work. I will keep you informed as my job search progresses.”
Scott G. (IT Professional)


“I have an interview scheduled for Monday, and I am hoping to line up more interviews in the next short while. It is definitely a nice feeling to be able to send out a cover letter and resume with confidence knowing that my skills and background are well presented in a very organized and professional manner. I will very definitely be recommending your services to others. Thanks again for all your creativity and hard work.
Chris J. (IT Professional)


“Just wanted to let you know that today I accepted a job as a District Sales Manager for a Fortune 1000 company. “From start (meaning receipt of my resume) to offer was one week.” “I know that the difference between months of searching vs an immediate job offer had everything to do with my resume. I cannot thank you enough”.
Linda S. (Sales Executive)


“Thank you for the brilliant job that you did with my resume…I think this was one of the best decisions I ever made was to have you do it and I will most certainly refer people to you in the future.”
Laurie M. (Sales/Marketing Executive)


“The resume and cover letter look wonderful and thank you for such a rapid and high quality job. I have already begun sending them out and with your work I expect positive results soon. I look forward to recommending your services to friends and colleagues in need.”
Mitch K. (CEO, “dotcom” company)


“I just have to tell you I am absolutely delighted with my resume. You’ve produced a document that I believe, for the first time, truly captures accomplishment and capabilities. Its so good in fact, I’d hire myself! “I want to thank you for your effort, hard work, and care you provided in what can be a particularly painful process. You caused me to think, pause, and consider exactly what it is I’m trying to present. For this, I am truly grateful. Why I struggled with this for as long as I did now seems so foolish when a person like yourself is available to provide the expert advice and counsel we all need, on occasion, to get a better perspective. Moreover, you’re professionalism and cheerful demeanor went a long way in making me feel entirely comfortable with the process. Needless to say, when others ask I will direct them to you immediately.”
Kim P. (Franchising Executive)


“One thing that will be of great interest is that the resume is generating a great deal of response! I have followed up on no fewer than 10-12 responses to this resume.  Some direct from employers, many from recruiters, and some as responses to applications I’ve submitted over the web job boards…Other irons are definitely in the fire and my spirits are good…Once again thanks for checking up on me…I’ve attributed much of the response to this resume to you and have not hesitated to tell my associates about you!”
John H. (Sr. Technical Project Manager)


“Hi Kim, AWSOME cover letter! Thank you so much, you are the best!”
Christine H. (Pharmaceutical Sales Executive)


“This resume is generating 7 out of 8 interviews applied for! Very impressed with results Kim.”
Dana F. (Senior Level Marketing Executive – )


“Kim, I must say that I’m quite impressed with your service. I checked into services with prices ranging from $50.00 to nearly $1,000 and your fee was more than fair for the outstanding quality I received….I just received an offer making 3 times more than I had been…I would recommend you to anyone, and will be happy to share my views if you’d like. Thank you again.”
Tom T. (Senior Finance Executive)


“Kim was organized, timely, and very knowledgable….. She worked with me to produce a clear, well written resume that exceeded even my own expectations……. A pleasure to work with.”
Terry J., M.D., Ph.D. (Physician)


“Wow Kim, I never knew I was such a great catch…I was impressed (by both you and me) and I’m eager to get them out. I’d hire me if this resume passed my desk.”
Judith P. (Senior Operations Manager)


“Thank you so much. I am very impressed and excited about what you have done… brilliant work!”
Dawn G. (Sales & Marketing Executive)


“You did an outstanding job, and you know I am very picky…..your writing and description of me was right on the money and I look great on paper! I’m very impressed and will be recommending you highly to family and friends….this is just what I needed. Thank you.”
Catherine M. (Management Professional)


“Kim is very professional and reliable….I have received substantial activity from recruiters…..I will continue to recommend her to others.”
Robert S. (Acquisitions Expert/Project Manager)


“I just got my resume in the mail. WOW! I did all that? It looks great. Thanks again for all your help.”
Brent W. (Corporate Trainer)

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