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When you are in line for an executive position, you still have your work cut out when it comes to your executive resume. Studies show it takes the average executive about 7 or 8 months to land a “real” job. In addition, the executive search is more competitive since there are fewer jobs at the salary level you seek.

Heeding those facts, you should first be absolutely certain that your executive resume is going to outsell those of your peers. It needs to actively convey the potential value and contributions you can deliver to bottom-line objectives. If it demonstrates a clear, progressive career path and proven record of productivity and profitability improvements, you are on the right track.

Even the BEST power resume may not get read when not accompanied by a compelling and influential cover letter. In addition to the information your resume contains, this is the opportunity to “personalize” your intent. Your cover letter should aggressively sell the benefits of your credentials and let the employer know how you will solve their problems, save them money and/or improve productivity. Your cover letter should also contain the important, but often forgotten crucial question asking for the interview.

Your search will probably not contain many “blind ad” responses, so use the executive search firms who specialize in high-level placements. You should target as many of them as you can, and with around 13,000 executive recruiters, you can’t be lazy. Be persistent – that’s not to say call every day, but once every three days is fine (that is, of course, unless you have been plainly told that there is no interest). Employers are busy people, and despite their need to fill a particular position, it’s not easy reading through a slew of resumes and letters from people all claiming to be “the one.”

Your advantage in following these simple steps is clear – employers rarely hear from most of the people who have submitted resumes, and it’s the few who call afterward that are granted the interview. Follow-up displays the professionalism, leadership and confidence employers seek. As an executive though, you knew that, right?

Best of luck in your career endeavors!