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Are you actively job hunting and not attracting interest, but you know you are beyond qualified? Getting aggravated about not receiving calls for interviews after submitting your executive resume? It may be time to review your resume structure to ensure that it defines your position as the leading candidate with employers. The most efficient way to present and position yourself as a primary contender is to work with the resume writing specialist at Executive Resume Pro. Since 1997, Executive Resume Pro has helped thousands of jobseekers receive the job they deserved. Our captivating and impactful resumes illustrate our clients as valuable future employees who will make a unique contribution and deliver overwhelming outcomes. With 20 years of knowledge in employing established executive resume writing strategies, our reputation stands as one the most respected leaders in the professional executive resume writing industry. In addition, we have a 70%+ referral rate to verify my success with clients.

The Job and Roles of Your Resume

In today’s limited and aggressive job world, your resume must grasp the attention of an employer or recruiter immediately. This means that your resume must showcase you as a can’t-pass-up candidate who jumps straight to the top of the executive selection process. At Executive Resume, the executive resume writing pro does that, helping you climb to the top. If you are pondering on how your current resume compares against my standard for success, I offer a free initial review that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of your current resume and executive writing. Your reviewer will be none other than our owner, Kim Little, a highly-published resume specialist with incredible recommendations on LinkedIn.

Since 2000, Kim’s work has been highly acclaimed and published; some of her executive resume samples appear in the Gallery of Best Resumes, A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers, which only includes the work of the best of a select number of resume writers out of 500 candidates.

Why Our Resumes Stand Out

A client recently passed on this note to us: “Mike, thank you for submitting your resume to us for review… I have some good news: This is a strong resume, so you should be happy with it! I don’t think you would benefit from having our staff professionally rewrite your document. I would advise that you use this executive resume for a while. See if you get results—I suspect you will.” And:

“I took the liberty of showing the resume to a couple of recruiter friends who thought it was pretty outstanding compared to some of the senior resumes that come their way…they really liked your Executive Overview, Skills and Qualification Summaries…”
(Click to see the executive resume that prompted these comments!(confidentiality assured with all names and identifying information altered)

The resumes we create show our clients as top contenders for positions because they have the potential to routinely exceed the expectations of any employer. We accompany our resume writing services by offering a complete career marketing solution that includes not just assertive resume writing but also powerful, professional, and confidential career guidance. Our services are light years apart from resume writing mills who offer to do the job “cheap and fast” while offering no samples but vague “About Us” pages that did not mention the owner’s name.

To produce great results in an executive search, you need the most effective resume possible and a considerable search effort that is beyond the capabilities of most resume writing services. Executive Resume Pro uses some key strategies that have proved effective over time:

  • We focus on how you achieved growth oriented bottom-line results and offer key stories to illustrate.
  • We emphasize how you are a productive, forward thinker who has excelled in strategic planning, technology innovation, profitability, best practices, and operational development.
  • We present your executive brand, highlight your strategic vision, and describe the corporate environments where you have succeeded.

By showing how you’ve been successful in diverse leadership settings, we package you as a high quality, flexible leader, which cements your value as a potential employee. Without making these links apparent in your executive resume, you may shortchange yourself by not coming across strongly. For ideas on how to improve your resume and improve your job search using some of our techniques, read our Guide to Writing Resumes for Executives.

Our Credentials Speak For Themselves

Our credentials include:

  • National Certification as a Job and Career Transition Coach; over 15 years of experience
  • Resume writing expertise endorsed by Management Recruiters International
  • Featured on numerous career websites including and
  • Membership and participation in numerous professional resume writing groups/forums
  • National prominence as a career and resume expert
  • Numerous articles published in six leading resume/cover letter books including “Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives” along with leading Internet publications, including and Frequently cited for expertise in the Washington Post Career Track Column
  • Offer pro bono work for local displaced workers, as well as discounts for military clients 

Who Are Our Clients?

We write executive resumes for the rising executive qualified to assume highest-level senior management positions including, but not limited to CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, COO, CMO, Vice President, President, Director-level and Chairman of the Board needed in numerous industries and on global levels.

Our client portfolio includes senior level executive resumes written for executives from NASA, Sara Lee, The DEA, EDS, International Home Foods, Inc., Pharmacia, Amazon, Ziff-Davis, DreamWorks, Inc., Xerox, Intel, Microsoft, CNN, Verizon, American Airlines, SONY Entertainment, AAR Corporation, Hickory Farms, Frontier Telephone, Reuters, Marsh & McClennan Companies, Inc., Sheraton Hotels, Hilton International, Quicken Loans, Arthur Anderson, General Electric, Marathon Oil, Nokia, Reuters, Price Waterhouse Coopers, BankOne, Bank of America, Clear Channel Communications, McKinsey, Eastman Kodak, Xerox Corporation, Nortel Networks, National Semiconductor, Nike, L’Oreal USA, Citibank, Delphi Automotive Systems, Google, and Avaya Communications as well as numerous successful start-up companies and various levels of mergers/acquisitions.

What Do Our Services Include?

Full range of career services also includes cover letter composition, executive biographies, Internet resume distribution, Linked In profiles, career coaching and a variety of related career marketing documents.

If you’d like to get started right away, visit our services page.

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